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    Tokkyokiki Magnetic Field Cancelling System
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    TOKKYOKIKI Magnetic Field Cancelling System AMC330-LZ2

    Product Details

    The AMC330-LZ2 active magnetic field control system measures the magnetic field variation in any direction through a high-sensitivity magnetic field sensor and a digital controller, and suppresses the disturbance of the magnetic field by using a reverse-phase magnetic field generated by the Helmholtz coil. The AMC330-LZ2 active magnetic field control system consists of a coil that generates a magnetic field, a magnetic field sensor, a controller and a power amplifier for SEM, TEM, etc.

    Technical specifications

    1. Maximum 40-60dB attenuation performance

    2. DC magnetic field representative value control + independent feedback control of each axis

    3. Control range: ±3μT (adjustable)

    4. Control frequency: DC-1kHz

    Product appearance

    Application example

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